Tuesday, 26 February 2013

#46: Top 5 Unsigned - 26/02/13

After an increase in the number of bands contacting me in regards to reviews I thought it was time that I start a weekly “Top 5 Unsigned” in an effort to cover more bands, more often. There's a multitude of bands that are trying to break through and it's only fair that the time and effort these acts put in to their music is reciprocated and people put their time and effort in to listening to these bands and getting their music out there on a larger platform.

Military Arcade

Military Arcade, like all the bands featured this week, are a band I've been meaning to get around to covering for a while now. Coming from Newbury, the band originally started life as a hardcore act, however, after a slight line-up change and a change in direction musically Military Arcade were born.

For a three piece band, Military Arcade make a big sound. Their song 'Reptilia' was featured on yesterday's Music Monday courtesy of Rock'n'Roll in my Soul Blog and is a no-holds barred anthem. However the song  I want to highlight takes a softer, more melodic approach. 'Fountain of Youth' is radio-friendly, catchy and will have you singing along before the end of your first listen.

The Bedroom Hour

Formed off the back of a break-up of two moderately successfull bands, The Bedroom Hour are a five-piece from London currently in the process of writing and recording some new material. Drawing their inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd and Elbow it's easy to see where the band's sound comes from. Vocally Stuart Drummond is comfortably within the realms of one Guy Garvey while the guitars soar in a manner of which Dave Gilmour would be proud of. There's a couple of songs I really wanted to include here but will have to settle for one. 'Escape' is as uplifting as it is emotive and a really fine example of Drummond's vocal capabilities. That said. be sure to check out 'X Marks the Spot' for an earlier but just as cracking song.

Coming from North West England is always going to draw comparisons with one band or another. As a result vocalist of The Forgotten Saints, Peter Kirwan, has been compared to one half of Manchester's most over-rated exports, the Gallagher brothers. Fortunately for Kirwan his voice has more to it than a colloquial drone, however there is a grain of truth there, but certainly nothing more than a passing glance. Their music is a mixture of shoegaze and your typical guitar based indie. The more shoegaze inspired tracks such as 'Shifting Sands' are where the band really excell themselves and show that they're not afraid to be that little bit different. It is only slightly different, but it's enough to make them stand out.

Just Mammals

Hailing from Grimsby, Just Mammals are upholding a sensibility that will be familiar to fans of The Libertines' jangly guitars. Good old fashioned indie pop that isn't afraid to emphasise the importance of guitars in a scene that's populated by synth-obsessed 80s nostalgics. The band's song 'On Your Own' featured on this weeks popcast from Mr Peeps and is an excellent excellent example of Just Mammals overall sound. The song I've included here 'Up All Night' is an older song but again reiterates the overall aesthetic of the band and will appeal to fans of The Libertines and Little Man Tate.

The Cottonettes

Guildford-based The Cottonettes are the most recent band to come to my attention after following me on twitter. The band claim that they will get "stuck in your head like a penny thrown from the Eiffel Tower"; a bold statement but one that nevertheless proves itself to be true.

The bad sound somewhere between Sham 69 and The Buzzcocks and are keeping a sound alive that any thought was dead. The fact of the matter is, Punk like this has been missing from the music scene for years now. It's this balls-to-the-wall attitude and a "drink now, think later" mentality that makes The Cottonettes as refreshing as they are. They aren't obsessed with overt production qualities and synthesiers. They make music they enjoy, and say "fuck you, we don't care" to any naysayers that might stumble across their awesome cacophony.


In a band or a solo artist? Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to be featured. It may take some to get back to you but I will do my best to reply. Just because a band is featured here doesn't mean to say they won't get featured in their own post. Finally, despite the title this isn't just for unsigned bands, if your band is signed but still wants some more exposure feel free to drop me an email with a link to your stuff. Let's keep the scene afloat!