Tuesday, 5 February 2013

#23: The Ninth Watch (EP review)

Having just reviewed The Ninth Watch's new single 'Forever Is A Long Times' for WordsForMusic, I thought it only fair that I did a full EP review given how much I enjoyed the aforementioned single. Whilst not strictly an EP exactly, the CD is more of a sampler given out by the band at request and features four tracks, including 'Forever Is A Long Time'

Track One, 'Concrete Boots' is a Kasbian-esque riot of a song that benefits from a guitar riff that without a doubt will get stuck in your head almost as much as the chorus. Singer Ahern's voice is one part Ian Brown and one part Tom from The Enemy. Something which works to his advantage rather than detract from the overall sound of the track.

The second track, 'Apples of My Eyes a much mellower acoustic number, in which Ahern shows us he's not just a one track pony. His voice is fantastic throughout 'Apples...', managing to hold notes that you would be forgiven for thinking he ought not attempt, without it once breaking. The drums on this track are brilliantly recorded, with every high-hat audible and complimentary of the understated guitar which carries the song almost as much as Ahern's vocals do.

'Forever Is A Long Time' is the third track on the album, and a stand alone review can be found by clicking here. It's a strong track, and not dissimilar to 'Concrete Boots' and one sure to go down as a live favourite given it's danceable nature.

Track Four entitled 'The Optimist' is fairly self descriptive. Mellow and uplifting throughout, Ahern's voice once again steals the show and allows the song to reach dizzying heights not before exhibited by the band. At times sounding like both U2 and Keane might be enough to deter some people; however fortunately The Ninth Watch manage to sound enough like themselves not to be considered too derivative of other bands and what they've done with 'The Optimist' is create probably their strongest song yet.

I've said it before, and will no doubt say it again. The Ninth Watch are a band destined for bigger things. Their radio-friendly indie pop is mellow enough to appeal to fans of all ages and secure them a future place in the charts while still upholding buckets of individuality. I urge everyone with an interest in underground music to check this band out while they're still able to play smaller venues.