Friday, 1 February 2013

#22: The Revival - Supercollider (Single Review)

Coming from together from “three corners of the UK” The Revival are a band with plenty going for them. Now in their 4th year together, 2013 promises to be a “big push” for them, and if the rest of their material is like new single 'Supercollider' then we can expect that be true.

Clocking in at just under five minutes the song is a little on the long side for a single, however when you hear the song the length seems irrespective as the band are seasoned and practised at what they do and it makes listening to 'Supercollider' a true joy.

Blending elements of bands like The Enemy and The Twang, The Revival do sound familiar, but they have a charm and energy about them that refuses to go unnoticed and allows them to stand out from their contemporaries. Singer Arfyn Ryhs Ruhonah has an ambitious voice which (for the most part) hits home perfectly. The chorus has an air of the Foo Fighters about it which will appeal to, well, pretty much everyone and even though the ending is quite a drawn out affair, by the time the songs finished you know you've just listened to a true indie-pop gem which could fit snugly on a radio play-list besides the likes of The Pigeon Detectives or early Courteeners.

While not a perfect record the potential the band has is fantastic and is evident from the get-go. Despite hailing from all over the UK there isn't a hint of the colloquial in Arfyn's delivery, which is something we can be thankful for given that almost every indie band out there these days exaggerates or contrives an accent in an attempt to appeal to fans in their hometown.

Definitely a band to watch out for during their 'big push' try and one I'm almost certainly try and catch live before their inevitable big break. Keep it going guys!

The band also feature on the new sampler from Hour Glass Recordings, along with Life's A Beech favourites  Velocets and Mama Roux