Friday, 15 February 2013

#36: Dead Sons - The Hollers & the Hymns

Being from Sheffield, UK, Dead Sons are obviously going to draw comparisons with that other band. It's inevitable. Thankfully though the Steel City 5-piece prove to be more than just another Arctic Monkeys. Featuring two members of the ill-fated Milburn, Dead Sons make music that is as sleazy as it is heavy.

Eschewing the conforms of generic indie, in favour of a 'desert-rock' aesthetic, their début album The Hollers and the Hymns is a bourbon-soaked, bar fight of a record. Sharp angular riffs perpetuate themselves across almost every track while occasional moments of melody permeate the aggression.

Vocally the comparisons to Alex Turner will be rife, something that can't be helped given they share a home-town. However, more often than not the music will find itself in Black Keys territory, making you wish that just once it would be acceptable to wear leather pants and rock the fuck out.

Opening track 'Ghost Train' is an immediate kick in the ribs which sees the band sounding particularly Black Keys like. At only two and a half minutes long, it's a short introduction to the band, but one that stamps their name firmly in to your min.

Track two 'Shotgun Woman' is fast and frantic. Here singer Thomas Rowley sounds particularly colloquial which will undoubtedly lead many to make further comparisons to the aforementioned Turner, however his vocals are particularly confident on this track and when coupled with the angular riffs really make this song stand out.

The Hollers and the Hymns rarely takes it's foot from the accelerator. Track 6 'Temptation Pool' offers some brief respite in the form of a rolling drum beat and some delicate guitar work. Here Rowley's vocal work really shines and sees him sounding particularly haunting. Soon though the tempo is picked right back up in the form of 'Room 54' which is no-holds barred, back to basics rock 'n' roll at it's dirtiest.

After achieving a number two slot in the singles chart in Turkey, Dead Sons aim to break in to the mainstream closer to home. A support slot with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Reverend and the Makers has done nothing to hamper their credibility amongst the indie contingency and I can only imagine that after the release of The Hollers...the success that found the aforementioned will find them as well.


The Hollers & the Hymns is out Monday Feb 18th. 
Dead Sons are currently touring the UK in support of The Hollers & the Hymns, visit their website for tour dates.