Tuesday, 12 February 2013

#31: Tiny Phillips - Lumiére (Single Review)

Tiny Philips write songs “for the dancers and the drinkers, the lovers and the fighters” which is just as well given their home-town of Manchester has an abundance of all four. Their blend of jangly indie-pop brings to mind bands such as the sadly-missed I Was A Cub Scout and the XFM championed Bastille.

New single 'Lumiére' starts with a crisp sounding drum intro before layering a catchy and upbeat synth loop over the top, that has you nodding your head before you even realise you're doing it. The lyrics are candid yet have an accessible radio-friendly overtone which will appeal to the masses, especially during the chorus which you can imagine being sang back to DJs in any number of indie-clubs across the country.

There as been a recent influx of bands becoming ever reliant on synth loops of late. You only need to listen to the recent Dutch Uncles album to understand what I mean. Tiny Phillips do use a lot of synth, something that really doesn't appeal to me; often. In the case of this band however it really does work in their favour. Instead of being obsessed with the 1980s like most synth-orientated bands, Tiny Phillips have kicked electronic music in to the present; thankfully without a sniff of dubstep in their music. They bring to mind the ill-fated Go:Audio or Saving Amy without upholding the neon-clad teenie-bopper aesthetic that the aforementioned harboured so vehemently.

Radio-friendly; upbeat; fantastically produced. All words which would describe 'Lumiére' (and the band as a whole) perfectly. This is certainly music you can drink, dance and love to. As for the fighters, I'm not really sure where they play out in all of this. But you'll be having too much of a good time to notice their absence anyway.