Wednesday, 13 February 2013

#34: The Spins - Never Let It Go (single review)

Italian indie-pop outfit The Spins are injection of the Mediterranean in an otherwise bleak English Winter. Formed by Alessia Mattalia (a previous session drummer for Jeff Beck) with the addition of Michelangelo Alesso on lead vocals and Silvia Cernicchiaro on bass and backing vocals completing the band.

Their most recent single 'Never Let It Go' is an expertly produced lesson in indie-pop. The keys (Marcello Giordano) effortlessly carry the song forward on a Keane like melody. The guitars are clean serve only to accompany the keyboard which is essentially the backbone of the song; Alesso's vocals however are certainly the flesh and blood. Sounding not unlike Adam Levine so it's no surprise that 'Never Let It Go' exudes a kind of camp flamboyancy that will appeal to fans of, of course, Maroon 5, but also bands such as Scouting for Girls and The Hoosiers.
This kind of family-friendly pop is surely going to have it's critics. There isn't anything particularly new or edgy about The Spins. But not every band needs controversy to stand out from the crowd. There is overt sense of passion that goes in to their music (what more did you come to expect from an Italian band) and they obviously have a great time doing what they do and have built up a loyal fan base both on the continent and here in Britain.

'Never Let It Go' is a solid pop song, laden with melody and a chorus that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head. The unashamedly camp veneer will deter people looking for something with a bit more balls but otherwise this shiny made-for-radio track will certainly win over the hearts of some people.