Thursday, 17 December 2015

#529: Catching Up With...Calvin Johnson

Though the influence of Beat Happening and K Records is unquestionable, both the band and the label's refusal to bow to the restrictions of the mainstream music industry has seen them become bastions of American independence. That’s at least as far as music is concerned. For while the legacy of Beat Happening is indeed far reaching, the band themselves haven't in fact released anything new in over 15 years, and it's this fact that makes the release of Look Around so interesting.

#528: Introducing...ACTOR

Though in recent years Leeds has earned a reputation as being West Yorkshire’s answer to Seattle, it’s local scene has much more to offer than just flannel shirts and sludgy guitars. One band who are merging the city’s penchant for electronica with their own beguiling brand of pop are Actor. A sleek and seductive three-piece, the band create their self-styled “emotional euphoria” in a disused bomb factory, now art space.

#527: The Fin. - Night Time (EP Review)

The Fin.

Night Time

December 4 2015 (Lost In The Manor Records)


Like many people, I often find myself fetishising Japan. There's something enigmatic and exotic about the country, its rich culture, sprawling metropolises and vast wilderness. It's a particularly Westernised way of looking, however, and arguably the reason I was first drawn to The Fin. in the first place - after all, Japan and dream-pop, what's not to love?

#526: Get Your Gun - The Worrying Kind

While Get Your Gun’s The Worrying Kind can best be described as a progressive rock record, genre purists might be a little perturbed to find it doesn’t seem to go anywhere; it neither cantors nor gallops, and instead plods belligerently forward at its own, often infuriating, pace.