Tuesday, 18 October 2016

#605: Fuelling the Fire: Catching Up with Less Than Jake

As ska-punk stalwarts Less Than Jake prepare to head out on their Fuelling the Fire tour, we caught up with guitarist/vocalist Chris DeMake, while sax player JR provided us with a Top Ten bands he thinks everyone should check out.

#604: NOFX - First Ditch Effort

​​Having spent the majority of their career epitomising punk’s live fast, die young ideology, it comes as somewhat of a surprise that the latest record from Los Angeles’ NOFX is underpinned, not by an anarchic sense of debauchery, but a prevailing maturity and, dare we say it, sobriety.

#603: Sleaford Mods - T.C.R (EP Review)

Arguably one of Britain’s most divisive bands, Sleaford Mods have been painting portraits of a broken Britain since their inception in 2007. Combining minimal electronica with inventive expletives and astute social commentary, the duo manage to turn imagery that would otherwise feel depressing and downtrodden into something humorous and often painfully familiar.

#602: Die Antwoord - Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid

When Die Antwoord emerged from the darkest reaches of Johannesburg in 2009, no-one could have predicted the phenomenon they’d become. Embodying the Zef culture (think South African chav, or white trash) of their home-town, the trio possessed an underdog quality, an us-against-the-world mentality that was both endearing and admirable. 

#601: Mouses - The Mouses Album

While two-piece bands aren't quite as innovative as they once were thanks to the rise of acts such as Royal Blood or Drenge, the scrappy garage-pop of Billingham's Mouses feels like a breath of fresh air when lumped in amongst such luminaries.