Sunday, 20 May 2018

#694: Frank Turner - Be More Kind

It seems that Frank Turner has been on an upward trajectory since 2015’s Positive Songs for Negative People, both emotionally and professionally. Be More Kind picks up where that record left off, and finds Turner at his most empathetic, and most accessible.

#693: Peace - Kindness is the New Rock and Roll

When Kindness Is The New Rock and Roll opens with recent single “Power”, three minutes of undeniably quintessential Peace, it’s easy to assume that it will set the tone for what’s to follow instantly. And though ideas of upbeat positivity are something that recur throughout, such assumptions are only partially right.

#692: Gaz Coombes - World's Strongest Man

With 2015’s Matador, Gaz Coombes elevated himself from Supergrass frontman-turned-solo-artist into a Mercury Prize-nominated musician that could be taken on his own (substantial) merit. Its follow up, World’s Strongest Man, sees Coombes propel himself further, allowing the more experimental side hinted at on the aforementioned to really come to the fore.

#691: Marine - Fable Electric

On the one hand Fable Electric, the debut album from London quartet Marine, is a bold and brash that’s as uncompromising as it is confident. On the other however, it’s ethereal and otherworldly; its nuanced matched only by its inherently enigmatic nature. The result is an album as beguiling as it bombastic.

#690: Cloud - Plays With Fire

There’s something both sad and reassuring about the sheer number of albums released recently that are hinged on the agonies and anxieties of the twenty-something. Reassuring in their messages of solidarity, and in the idea that such feelings are seemingly ubiquitous, yet sad in the sense that such anxieties are as far-reaching as they are, and in the fact there’s little really that can be done to address them.

#689: Fickle Friends - You Are Someone Else

Arriving on a wave of icy synths and hyperbole, ‘You Are Someone Else’ is the highly anticipated debut from Fickle Friends and finds the Brighton-based quintet awash in button-bright textures and unashamedly pop production. But while the sugar-sweet indie-pop might well be moreish in smaller servings, the 16 tracks on offer here feel overindulgent, especially on consecutive listens.

#688: The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

Whenever anyone mentions The Wonder Years, I’m instantly taken back to being at uni, where Get Stoked On It was often the soundtrack to the rare handful of warm days Leeds gets each year. I never dug much further than that however, so it came as something as a surprise to find that not only is Sister Cities the band’s sixth album, but The Wonder Years clearly aren’t the same band that soundtracked fleeting summers several years ago.