Monday, 5 November 2018

#716: Los Campesinos!, Kentish Town Forum, London

Los Campesinos! have always been a band to cater to themselves, and to their fans. Never ones to pander to major label whimsy or managerial bullshittery, the band have instead, for the last ten years, stuck to their guns and their principles; their fans returning the favour with an religious-like zeal. That doesn’t mean to say they’ve not changed over the years, they have, and for the better, but only when the time’s felt right.

#715: False Heads - Less Is Better

London snot-poppers False Heads return with an EP as gritty and as uncompromising as the band themselves. 

At a time when the country is becoming increasingly more divisive, and indeed divided, it’s becoming increasingly clearer that something needs to happen in order to politicise its youth beyond that of leftist memes and football-like chants; something that’s not been seen en masse since the ‘70s.

#714: Songs for Walter, YES, Manchester

Tonight, as local singer/songwriter Songs For Walter launches his second album An Endless Summer Daze is the basement venue which that plays host to the party; the upstairs venue housing Riot Jazz, making for a mixed crowd in the venue’s main bar area. It’s the smaller of the two spaces, and perfectly suited to the intimacy of Songs for Walter’s introspective folk-pop.

#713: Swearin' - Fall in to the Sun

Everyone has their own take, finds their own meaning, in songs or indeed entire albums, often as a result of drawing parallels with their own worldview and life experiences. Fall into the Sun, the second album from Philadelphia indie darlings Swearin’ is one such album, resonating instantly before even a single playthrough.

#712: Andrew Bayer - In My Last Life

For fans of electronic music, Andrew Bayer should need little introduction. Having already earned a Grammy nomination for his production work, not to mention appearing at festivals such as Creamfields, Electronic Zoo and EDC Vegas, Bayer is something of a personality within the world of electronic music.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

#711: Muncie Girls, The Deaf Institute, Manchester

Anyone familiar with Manchester’s iconic Deaf Institute, either as a venue or just a bar, will probably be aware that the building’s second floor is where its shows take place. An old theatre with limited seating and a large disco ball, it’s one of the city’s most characterful venues, and any show there is usually worth going just to see the venue in itself.

#710: Songs for Walter - An Endless Summer Daze

Songs for Walter, otherwise known as Manchester-based songwriter Laurie Hulme, is rapidly becoming one of the city’s unsung heroes thanks to his seemingly whimsical, but often deeply touching brand of folk-pop.