Saturday, 26 January 2013

#19: Velocets - Live @ Kraak Gallery, Manchester 25/01/13

If there's one thing that can be said about music fans in Manchester, it's that they know how to support their scene. Heavy snow made getting to the venue somewhat difficult, especially for those coming from out of town, however peoples spirits weren't dampened even if clothes were, as Kraak Gallery played host to some of Stockport's finest new bands.

First to the stage are The Gullwings, a four-piece whose blend of indie and classic rock influences are sure to appeal to most people. Sounding somewhat like Arctic Monkeys with a dark sincerity that, at times, borders on the melancholic. One things for sure is this band are seasoned in what they do. Their songs are as tight as they are catchy and they serve to warm the crowd up perfectly.

Next on the bill are Mama Roux; a refreshing throwback to 1960s & 70s their sound is a powerful mélange that is equal parts sex and sleaze. Fusing elements of R&B, soul and classic rock together, Mama Roux are a band who defy you to dance. There opening song 'Fire' is a rip-roaring testament that proves rock 'n' roll, at it's most base, at it's most depraved, will never die. Singer Tallulah Anton has drawn many parallels with the late Amy Winehouse, however that's too much of an obvious comparison to make and not necessarily all that correct, however Tallulah's voice is the driving force of this band and the raw emotion that goes in to it is clear. This really is back to basics rock 'n' roll that you can truly get your rocks off to.

Headlining act tonight are Velocets who open with their first single 'Sophie' which goes down well with fans (a number of whom are wearing the recently sent out Velocets t-shirts). As a band, these lads have gone from strength to strength over the short space of time that they've been together garnering an impressive number of fans in the process, as is evident in tonight’s turn-out. It's the first outing for new track entitled 'Down On Your Luck' which is well received across the board. The chemistry between front-man Adam Walsh and guitarist Elliot Berriman is a joy to watch on stage and the pair play off each other in a way that is reminiscent of Pete Doherty and Carl Barât circa Up The Bracket. Most recent single 'Tell It to Your Kids' is the penultimate song on the set list and is a song that pretty much sums up the bands sound as a whole. The chorus, sang back to the band by almost every member of the crowd, is bound to stick in your head for days after, a sure-fire sign of a successful track and fan favourite. 'Naked' is the final track of the evening and is slower than the former but still packs a punch and is as candid a song as you're likely to find in the Velocets repertoire.

Anyone who claims to have an interest in music, local or otherwise should check out any of the above bands while they're still playing intimate venues, which probably won't be for much longer given the ever-rising popularity of both Mama Roux and Velocets. These are bands who are harbouring a DIY ethos most often seen in the punk community; an ethos which fewer and fewer bands seem to have these days. Support these bands and support the scene. Without the support local music scenes fall by the wayside and bands are forgotten and when they're bands with as much talent as the aforementioned, that would be a damn shame.

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Cover photo courtesy of Trust A Fox Photography