Friday, 11 January 2013

#11: Velocets - Post-Punk From Young, Manc Upstarts.

Manchester-based three piece Velocets, comprised of Adam Walsh, Elliot Berriman and Dom Allen are a band destined for bigger and better things. Forming in March 2012 after the addition of Allen on drums, the band went from strength to strength garnering support from the likes of Clint Boon of Inspiral Carpets fame and have had numerous online publications singing their praises.
Having been familiar with Walsh's previous bands it's refreshing to see the post-punk influences that have been hinted at realised in a much fuller sound on their self-titled EP, released this month and available through the band.

The first track the EP, 'Tell It To Your Kids' is a raucous number with angular guitars that are reminiscent of The Strokes. Posed with the question of the song's lyrical ambiguity Adam answered with the equally ambiguous reply of: 

A few people have asked me, and I sort of take a while to think about it myself. And while I'm thinking about it they chip in with "Is it kind of about this...." and then reel off something that wouldn't have even crossed my mind. But I like how people can draw their own conclusions and relate to it in their own way..”

While guitarist and backup vocalist Elliot simply saying with “Erm, that’s a tough one really, Adams never been one to talk about his lyrics, preferring to leave it to the listeners take on it”. Ambiguous answers aside, throughout the verses Adam's familiar drawl is ever-apparent while the chorus is a blistering chant-along that could easily be at home on this Summer's festival circuit and is sure to be stuck in your head

The second track entitled 'Naked' is “the closest thing to emotion you're going to get with Velocets” according to Adam and is a slow and melodic take on what it is to have someone you can just be yourself with. The frank lyrics and their delivery suggest a maturity within the song writing not-often seen in bands this young. The slow and steady drums compliment an understated guitar through and build towards a 'wall of sound' similar to that found in the shoegaze of the 1990s, bringing to mind bands such as My Bloody Valentine albeit with a bit more style and melody to it.

The final track is the first single the band ever released entitled Sophie and rounds the record off perfectly, bringing back the angular guitar sounds made familiar in 'Tell It To Your Kids'. If a band still in the throws of musical adolescence can have a quintessential sound then this would be the Velocets; big sounding choruses coupled with understated verses with lyrics both as candid as they are catchy.
Velocets are making relatively big waves for the small time they've been together, and have been championed by numerous Manchester music moguls. If 2012 was the year for them to establish their fan base; 2013 is the year for them to tear up the underground.


Velocets play: 25/01/13 - Kraak Gallery, Manchester w/ Mama Roux
                      08/02/13 - Friars Court, Warrington w/ Clint Boon
                      09/03.13 - Ruby Lounge, Manchester w/ Orphan Boy
Listen to 'Sophie' now!