Tuesday, 4 June 2013

#114: Top 5 Unsigned - 04/06/2013

Skinny Roller

Salford-basedquintet Skinny Roller are a band who are have taken garage rock and laboriously steered it away from it's American roots, flavouring it instead with an aesthetic that's quintessentially British. It isn't, however, the Britain of Jane Austin novels. Instead Skinny Roller paint a picture of the nitty gritty and the ins and outs of Manchester life, painting it all with a delicious coat of fuzz that's paramount to the genres overall sound.


16 Hole Boots

Despite them only being a band for less than a year, London's 16 Hole Boots have been busy. Their tireless work ethic and sheer tenacity has already afforded them the luxury of having two sets worth of material in their repertoire; something which will undoubtedly make each live show different. Their music is an amalgamation of west coast psychedelia and gritty indie-pop, helped along by the petulant snarling vocals of Richey Ostrowski.
Fresh and exciting and definitely a band who are destined for bigger things.


Dork Turnspit

Ambitious is the first word that springs to mind when listening to Lancaster/Carlisle based Dork Turnspit. Their overall sounded merges the frenetic energy of 80s hardcore pioneers such as Husker Du with a more melodic edge that lends itself more to the territory of bands like Weezer. Keeping the balance of grandeur and accesibility right is an important thing for band's that aim big, otherwise they come off sounding pretentious and self-important. Thankfully though Dork Turnspit have done just that, never once does the transition between tracks feel forced or erratic and the band benefit from this immeasurably. Well worth getting your teeth in to!

Icepops for Breakfast

The second band from Lancaster this week are the delightfully irreverent Icepops for Breakfast. While not strictly an unsigned band their music is just too irresistible to not include. The band uphold a distinctly twee vibe that might not appeal to everyone, but for fans of bands such as Misty's Big Adventure or even Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer the appeal of Icepops for Breakfast should be evident and is proof that light-hearted music doesn't have to be poor all the time.


The Naughtys

Like fellow Mancunians Sonic Boom Six, Stretford-based The Naughtys are a ska-punk fusion band whose lyrical delivery has as much in common with hip-hop as it does punk, and while Manchester isn't a city often synonymous with Punk despite it's burgeoning underground scene, more and more bands seem to be rearing their head which suggests hope for a scene often overlooked. The Naughtys will undoubtable appeal to fans of the aforementioned Sonic Boom Six as well as The King Blues and even The Specials or The Clash. Punk has never sounded so Summery.


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