Wednesday, 26 June 2013

#128: Top 5 Unsigned - 26/06/2013

For The Roses

The first on this week's chart is London trio For The Roses; making a surprisingly full sound for an acoustic three-piece, the band's music is rich in melody and texture is exaggerated fantastically through the use of strings, providing a classical edge to the band's own blend of quaint folk-pop. There's an understated aesthetic beauty at play that is helped in no small part by lead vocal's courtesy of Lucy that are both powerful and delicate.


We Came From the Sea

I initially found this Scottish three-piece a few weeks ago after trying and failing to find another band. And I'm more than thankful I did. Merging dynamics together effortlessly, Edinburgh/Glasgow based We Came From the Sea are a band with a firm knowledge of music and the intricacies of composition. Melodic and tempestuous, there's certainly something for everyone at play here.


Mondays Company

While not unsigned in the strictest sense of the word (the band are signed to an indie), Middlesborough based quartet Mondays Company are making an infectious brand of melodic indie-pop that's far too good to overlook. A wealth of influences afford the band a varied sound that ranges from the Arctic Monkeys-esque of 'Wrong Way Darlin' to the jangly 'Through the Night' which is destined for a wider audience. Their music isn't game changing, but  when it's this good, it doesn't need to be.


Death to the Strange

Band's such as Manchester based five-piece Death to the Strange are almost impossible to pigeon-hole with a particular sound, genre, or aesthetic. Switching between genres, the band effortlessly blend together traditional indie with melodic folk and blues and tie it off neatly with politicised lyricism that doesn't preach some much as educate. It's clear that three years together as a band has allowed them to hone their sound and perfect it, with it finally becoming the fully realised end product it is now. I dare you not to dance.


The New Ages

Birmingham-based four-piece The New Ages who have the benefit of at least half their members having played together for several years, however they only became the full band they are now after the inclusion of a bassist and drummer their sound became more full and their music more purposeful. Now with their Piper Man EP under their belt the band are looking to bring their indie-blues-rock fusion to wider audience. The New Ages are note perfect and as tight as you could ask a band to be.


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