Saturday, 29 June 2013

#129: Introducing...Faith

Birmingham, like any major city, has a rich musical history to rival that of any city, north or south. From the ultra heavy sound of bands such as Napalm Death, to the more melodic and indie-centric ideals of bands such as The Charlatans or Ocean Colour Scene. More recently there's been a current surge of young bands all hailing from the city in a collective affectionately known as B-Town, with Peace and Swim Deep spearheading the movement.

One young band hoping to capitalise on the sudden interest in the city are FAITH, a young four piece who've been honing their sound over a period of months and putting together a set-list ready for their all important first gig on July 20th. Rather than release demos of all their songs, the band have enigmatically chosen to release a single, impactive track 'How Does It Feel to Own the Sun' to generally favourable reviews.

The track grabs you by the balls from the word go. A crashing and driving intro hits before the pace slows down for a verse that gathers momentum before exploding once again. It's a track that's all about dynamics, the ups and downs. It's never anything short of anthemic, nor optimistic, but the driving guitars and tenacious drums assert the band's overall personality, while the slower moments suggest a maturity and a musical intelligence beyond their years.

For a band as fresh-faced as FAITH, putting out just a single track before even their first gig is a bold move. But it's worked in their favour. A tenacious work ethic has given the band their first radio airplay, and their number of Twitter followers is steadily getting higher. There's no denying the band's musical ability and if any of their forthcoming tracks stand up to the quality of 'How Does It Feel...' then there's absolutely no reason why this band shouldn't be enjoying the recent successes of other B-Town bands. The music scene needs bands like FAITH, hard-working and talented without an iota of self entitlement, keep your eyes on these lads.