Thursday, 10 July 2014

#314: Kutosis - Dream It Away


Dream It Away

June 30 2014 (Jealous Lovers Club)


In 2012, Cardiff three-piece Kutosis came roaring out of the ether with a multi-faceted debut that cherry-picked elements from a host of genres, fusing them together to create something bold, abrasive and ultimately excellent in the form of 'Fanatical Love'. Two years down the line and the band haven't strictly lost their angular edge, but rounded it, an aspect of their follow up 'Dream It Away' brought to the fore by producer Rory Atwell (Veronica Falls, Yuck). Kutosis' propensity for genre-bending is still very much the driving force behind this record, however, flirting with post-punk, dream-pop, shoegaze and garage-rock all with wilful abandon.