Thursday, 3 July 2014

#311: Warehouse Eyes - Carvings

Warehouse Eyes


May 23 2014 (self-release)


Up until May, very little was known about the Minneapolis-based five-piece Warehouse Eyes other than what they wanted us to know. The extent of this knowledge fell at the feet of teaser track and their EP's inevitable lead single 'Tokyo', something which ultimately whet the public's appetite and left them clamouring for more than just a taste. Fortunately, their 'Carvings' EP works as a stepping-stone, sating said appetites and bridging the gap between single and full-length. At four tracks long it's the perfect length for an EP, and as the band's analogue synths entwine themselves around the luscious vocal melodies, building themselves up as the record progresses, any sense of mystique surrounding them breaks down, and the vocals of Jennie Lahlum soon feel familiar.