Tuesday, 14 May 2013

#101 Top 5 Unsigned - 14/05/2013

Flight of Arrows

Injecting a slice of sunshine in to Preston are four piece Flight of Arrows. Making a kind of utterly infectious indie-pop that's sure to brighten up anyone's day. Guitars jangle amidst vocal melodies and tenacious drums whilst singer Richard Winnard exhibits strong vocals made all the more full by the addition of backing vocals in the choruses. An optimistic outlook coupled with youthful exuberance that will appeal to fans of The Rumble Strips and The Vaccines.


Backbench Rebellion

Keeping in fitting with the four-piece theme are Devon's Backbench Rebellion. A band full of energy that blend dark undertones with melodies that soar above a moody bass. Despite university and work commitments the band have pushed forward over the last few years and honed their sound until it's the delicate and crisp sound it's become today. Not quite your standard indie fair but ultimately as catchy and certainly a band worth keeping an eye on.


Soho Riots

Formed at the University of Liverpool, Soho Riots are a fantastic dichotomy of upbeat and sombre. Songs such as 'Who's Your Man?' rumble along with a foreboding intensity that underpins the tracks occasional fleeting moments of optimism, whereas 'The Shore (Oh My)' is an upbeat breath of fresh air after the previous songs understated ominousness. Straight forward and catchy there's absolutely no denying this quartets talent. Brilliant stuff.


Ant Chamberlain

Breaking this weeks trend of four-piece guitar bands is Ant Chamberlain a singer songwriter from Cannock, Staffordshire, whose quaint and candid lyricism coupled with some deft-handed guitar playing makes him a really exciting find. His first single 'Stepping Stones' is out now, preceding his forthcoming EP Escape which will be available soon. Expect big things for the future from Chamberlain.


Clever Little Tramps

The second band this week to come from Merseyside are acoustic trio Clever Little Tramps. Eschewing a drummer in favour of candid and introspective lyrics sets the band apart from many of their contemporaries and gives their music a rustic edge that gets it's point across perfectly. Akin to the likes of Bear's Den, the bad evoke a certain sense of nostalgia with their acoustic troubadoury. Gentle and captivating, it's easy to see why the band have been causing a stir.


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