Friday, 31 May 2013

#112: King Eider - Drink Me Dry (single review)

Basing their sound around late night bar laments and three-part harmonies are Edinburgh's King Eider. Blending together influences old and new in to a a form of bluesy, contemporary nostalgia, the band self-release their d├ębut single 'Drink Me Dry' on the 10th of June.

Over the four minutes of the tracks playtime, emotive vocal harmonies soar and fall like the emotions of the barfly the song paints a picture of. A huge and diverse array of instruments builds throughout, from acoustic motifs and brushed drums to a harmonica that's evocative of Neil Young suggesting that there actually is something for everyone at the bottom of the a pint glass. An impressive string section is juxtaposed against gruff and gravelly vocals that are a perfect match for the impactive and lamentable narrative that the single upholds. This isn't your typical Top 40 folk-pop that seems to be everywhere at the moment. This quarter seem to have encapsulated and distilled an aesthetic of simpler times while never once feeling archaic. Great stuff.