Friday, 10 May 2013

#99: Keys - Innocuous Beats (EP review)

Forming through a “mutual sense of not fitting in” Bury St Edmunds-based Keys have whole heartedly embraced a DIY aesthetic in order to further themselves. Relentless badgering of promoters has allowed the band to hone their sound and garner fans along the way while a penchant for eclectic indie grooves from the likes of LCD Soundsystemand The Fall has permeated the overall aesthetic upheld by Keys and leaked it’s way in to their music. After picking up the attention of Sturm Und Drang recordings the band release their d├ębut EP entitled Innocuous Beats, a somewhat misleading title given what is contained therein is nothing short of infectious.

This article was originally written for God is In the TV Zine. To read the full review, and others, click here.