Monday, 31 March 2014

#273: Darlia - Soundcontrol, Manchester - (28/03/14)

Darla (w/ The Minx)

Sound Control, Manchester

March 28 2014

Photos: David Brown (The Minx), Steph Murphy (Darlia)

One of many venues situated just a stone's throw away from Oxford Road train station, Sound Control, though unassuming on the outside, plays host to an multiplicity of eclectic club nights and gigs on a weekly basis, the former often following the latter. Such is the case tonight, and as we descend the stairs in to the basement, pushing through a set of plastic strips (such as you would find in a warehouse) and being hit with a musky damp smell, you can understand why the venue hosts as many D'n'B and house nights as it does; the concrete floor and dim lighting bringing to mind my singular experience of an illegal rave.