Tuesday, 25 March 2014

#269: Darwin & the Dinosaur - Remus (EP review)

Darwin & the Dinosaur


7th March, 2014


In what is almost certainly a bid to distance themselves from the likes of You Me At Six or Paramore, Norwich's Darwin & the Dinosaur are purporting themselves as an alternative post-punk outfit. And while that may be true to a minor extent, they have more in common the aforementioned than they do, say, The Fall. Genre discrepancies aside however, and D&TD are a solid band that will undoubtedly go on to appeal to fans of the likes of Pierce the Veil or Deaf Havana; their most recent EP Remus feeling like a fusion of contemporary emo, pop-punk with lavish elements of post-hardcore ferocity. It's nothing we've not heard before, but when everything is wrapped up and tied off as neatly as it is here, it definitely doesn't have to be.

Comprised of five tracks and at fifteen minutes long, Remus is a perfect introduction to D&TD. Begining with the blistering 'I Said Goodbye', the record goes for jugular straight off the bat; an incendiary Alexisonfire-style intro eviscerates listeners before they know what's hit them, before slowing down completely into a melodic verse, again akin to Alexisonfire. It's an uncompromising way to start an EP, but it hooks you in instantly.

Following track 'Evergreen' is a less polished, more melodious track in which dual vocals bring to mind early Silverstein, the slightly out of key nature of them only adding to the tracks overall feel. This almost-punk feel is something that runs throughout Remus and is what lends the band their power-pop qualities. The record isn't without it's heavier side though, the final two tracks 'Forever May I' and 'Stalemate' both eschewing the punk vibe in favour of more emotionally charged, albeit mellow post-hardcore.

As mentioned previously D&TD aren't a band who have set out to break any boundaries and as such those of you looking for something a little more left field are probably best looking elsewhere. However should one be looking for a band who wear their hearts on their sleeve and who don't come across as a whiny carbon copy, then they needn't look any further. Will Darwin & the Dinosaur be gracing the pages of magazines such as NME anytime soon? It's doubtful. Will they, and they should be plastered across the pages of Kerrang! and Rock Sound however? Most definitely.