Friday, 12 September 2014

#348: Delamere, Night & Day Cafe, Manchester

Delamere: Headstrong Single Launch
Night & Day Cafe, Manchester
August 30 2014
Delamere are on the cusp of something big, Dave Beech was there from the start and at Manchester’s Night & Day for the launch of their new single.
A major player in the Cash vs Common Sense debate that has scourged many a music venue across the UK in recent years, Manchester’s Night & Day was served an abatement notice last year. Rather unusually for this kind of matter however, it seems common sense has prevailed (though not when it came to the tenants signing on the dotted line and moving in to a property situated a stone’s throw from one of Manchester’s live music institutions) but rather in the venue’s doors are still open and we can, for the time being at least, still enjoy the very best of our city’s contemporary music in a setting steeped in history.