Saturday, 20 September 2014

#352: Catching Up With...Delamere (U&I Music Magazine - September Issue)

A little over 12 months ago, I stumbled across a band from Stoke called Delamere and whilst their Twitter bio said very little, their overall sound spoke volumes; blistering choruses were interspersed with delicate verses whilst the lyricism, wrought with dark sincerity, gave the band a huge edge over the majority of their contemporaries. Sure, the production on some early releases lacked the polish of later tracks, but the same can be said for every band at that stage, and the rough edges only served to add to the band's appeal

Indeed, such was the impression Delamere had on me that I tipped them for label backing within a year and whilst I might have been out on my prediction by a month or so, sure enough, earlier this year Manchester's own Scruff of the Neck Records signed the band, aiding them in the release of previous single 'Do You Want Me?' which was met with much acclaim.

Looking forward however, Delamere are to set to release their second single through the label, the atmospheric 'Headstrong'. A step in a more electronic direction, 'Headstrong' sees the band seguing in to the moody atmospheric sounds enjoyed by the likes of local lads The Slow Readers Club. It might be a slight change in direction, but it also marks the full realisation of the step up in confidence that was teased on their previous single.

Okay, so they might not be from Manchester per se (in fact, they're not at all), but being signed by Scruff of the Neck, and playing a good majority of their gigs in the city, means they're adopted Mancs by all accounts, and that's what matters. With a development deal in place with Scruff of the Neck, as well as their forthcoming single to look forward to, it seems all things are go for Delamere and with 2014 being the year that it has been for the band, we can only speculate and cross our fingers for what 2015 will have in store for them.

U&I: Hi guys, thanks for having a chat with us ahead of your single launch. First of all, you recently signed with Scruff of the Neck, have you found it's opened any doors to you as a band, which might have otherwise remained closed?

Everything is still pretty new at the minute and we’re still all working towards our goals so its hard to say if any doors have been opened as such. Both band and label are very busy with the next step at the minute so maybe this question would be better asked at a later date. I suppose one major factor that has come straight from this and that’s management, we’re now managed by MTE management which will work alongside the label, so that’s pretty exciting.

U&I: It's more than just signing to a label though, you've also entered in to a 'development deal' with the company. Can you tell us what this entails and what it means for Delamere?

The best way to put this I suppose is that a straight up recording contract would simply mean that we record and the label puts it out, the development deal on the other hand is pretty much what it says, obviously the recording and putting out of music is there but with the added bonus of the band being developed to a higher standard which can cover anything from fan base to the performances. This is all in place to ideally be ready for a major label to just pick it up from where its at for the next major big step.

U&I: Obviously coming from Stoke you're not a Manchester band, but we have adopted Delamere as one of our own. What is it about the city that kept you coming back and gigging? Why not opt for Birmingham or Nottingham?

We all love Manchester, as kids it was the city we’d travel to, to watch all the big touring bands, the sort of bands that would never come to Stoke. Manchester holds a little bit of magic for us, every gig, every meeting with Scruff, we look forward to coming here.

U&I: Usually I ask a band to name a couple of Manchester-based bands our readers might not be familiar with, but since we're bending the rules this month, any bands from either Manchester or Stoke you think our readers should be checking out?

There’s too many good bands in Manchester to start listing, but we played with this Manchester band in Stoke and were instantly attracted to their music, they’re called ‘Flesh’ and it’s a real live show to witness, check them out! There is also a good scene in Stoke and a few good bands, our friends play in Manchester quite a bit and are worth checking out they’re called ‘Camp Stag’, also check out ‘Moitessier’, we challenge anyone to watch them live and not to tap a toe!

U&I: Your latest single 'Headstrong' is due out in a week and it's a little different than your previous output, what's the story behind it?

There’s no particular story to this song but the meaning about it is all in the title, its purely about knowing what you want and going for it. There’s a quite a poppy/dancey vibe to this and this just came about during the writing process and instead of trying to hone it to our usual sound, we just start running with it and quite enjoyed it!

U&I: You also premièred a video for it earlier this week. How was the process of making a video? Have you done it before?

We made a video before for ‘Do you want me’, but this was our first performance video and we thoroughly enjoyed it, Ash probably more than anyone, the lad had a stiff neck from all the head banging.

U&I: Perhaps more importantly, how long were you up on that roof for and did you have permission? I remember being bollocked on more than one occasion for...enjoying a similar view, though admittedly under-age drinking is probably frowned upon more than making a music video!

Haha, yeah it wasn’t too bad, we had it all done in one night. Scruff arranged it and it was on the roof of the double tree Hilton in the city centre. There wasn’t any time to even enjoy the view with a beer, we had a tight schedule and the director wasn’t letting anyone mess it up.

U&I: Now you've got a label behind you, thoughts must be drifting more and more to than inevitable first album. Any plans for that yet? New tracks written? Titles thrown about?

The albums been discussed and it will happen but it’s a way off at the minute. We’ve got some good songs that we’re happy with but every time we write we always try and better the last so its hard to say at this time.

U&I: Ash's beard is becoming a source of envy for fans and critics alike. How can we be sure it doesn't have some sort of ulterior motive, and that the momentum behind you as a band isn't just the first stages of some beardy world domination plan?

I don’t think we can never be too sure, Ash is famous for coming out with ridiculous statements, but since the beard got massive and covered his mouth, he’s started talking sense, sounds like beard has actually grown its own mouth over ash’s, or the fibres have embedded themselves into his brain, either way we prefer this guy!

U&I: Forthcoming album aside, have you got any other plans in the pipeline?

All talk at the minute like we said earlier, but the next 12 months look very exciting, more recording, more songs, new EP’s and possible tours. Lots of work to do and we cant wait.

U&I: Finally, any exclusive news you'd like to leave our readers with, or parting words of wisdom to bestow on them?

Firstly never, ever, ever bring piss to a shit fight!!!

Secondly, we’ll be releasing a B side to ‘Headstrong’, entitled ‘Criminals’, its nothing like we’ve ever written. It’ll go up on our soundcloud and will be on limited CD singles we’ll be selling at our shows, heard it here first.

U&I: Thanks guys, it's been a pleasure as always.

Cheers Dave, always a pleasure.