Monday, 1 September 2014

#344: Delamere - Headstrong (single review)

Delamere – Headstrong (Scruff of the Neck Records)
August 30th 2014
Dave Beech reviews the new single by Delamere, the North Staffs, Manchester based, indie band oft to be found touring with the likes of Louder Than War favourites PEACEPalma Violets and Wolf Alice.
I reserve a certain kind of smugness for seeing bands I’ve championed in the past do well for themselves. Not because I’m a self-congratulatory twat who thrives on the satisfaction of being right, but because it proves that I do in fact have an ear for this sort of thing and I’m not just wasting my time. One such band are Stoke’s Delamere, an act who over the course of the last 12 months have evolved and expanded on a sound which was nothing short of infectious to begin with.