Wednesday, 26 February 2014

#253: Puppet Rebellion - Guillver's, Manchester - 22/02/2014

Live Review

Puppet Rebellion

Gulliver's, Manchester

February 22 2014

Photos: Trust A Fox Photography

No matter what your musical persuasion, Manchester's music scene has always been an inexorable tour de force rivalled perhaps only by our country's capital. From pop to punk, hip-hop to indie, the bands which hail from the rainy city, signed or otherwise, offer Manc music fans a multiplicity of gigs and events on any given night across the city. Tonight for example sees acts like Prince, homegrown heroes Sonic Boom Six and Rudimental all vying for your attention at one venue or another. Opting for a smaller, though no less rowdy affair, we head down to Gullivers, a ramshackle spit'n'sawdust establishment in the city's Northern Quarter.