Monday, 10 February 2014

#248: Puppet Rebellion - No Means Yes (EP review)

Puppet Rebellion

No Means Yes

February 25 2014 (self-release)


They've been a band for barely a year, yet Manchester's Puppet Rebellion are already making waves both in their city and further afield, thanks in no small part to the depth of their musical prowes and intelligent lyricism. Last year's 'Chemical Friends' EP caused something of a buzz amongst bloggers and fans alike, with the eponymous track even featuring during half time at Old Trafford. With such lofty praise being heaped on the band almost from the word go, it was a worry that any further releases might well not live up to the expectations set out by their first. Fortunately, such worries are quickly done away with, as the band's second EP, 'No Means Yes', not only builds on the foundations laid last year, but exceeds the expectations set at the same time.