Friday, 8 November 2013

#201: The Battles of Winter - Standing at the Floodgates

The Battles Of Winter

Standing At The Floodgates

November 4 2013 (self-released, digital)


Though plagued with “derailments too numerous to mention”, London-based The Battles Of Winter have, after several years of self-reinvention, finally released their debut album 'Standing At the Floodgates'. Where lesser bands may have broken under the pressures that beset the recording process, the finished product here is an album that feels as coherent as it is concise. Though made up of only eight tracks, '...Floodgates' is a record in which their tenacity, paramount to said recording process, is palpable in each and every track, with the band exhibiting a sense of confidence and self-assurance that could only stem from overcoming the obstacles they've faced over the last few years.

This review was originally written for Little Indie Blogs. Click here to read in full.