Saturday, 2 November 2013

#195: Kilto Take - Resolute

Kilto Take


November 25 2013 (Medical Records)


Like many bands of the last 12 months, Kilto Take have an appreciation for all things 80s. However, what separates the Herefordshire three-piece apart from their nostalgic contemporaries is their refusal to bend to the current trends within the industry. Unlike their peers, their appreciation of the era stems from the likes of early-U2, and Echo and the Bunnymen to name but two, and as such they eschew the reliance on synth and 80s club beats in favour of a more traditional, guitar driven aesthetic. Indeed, their penchant for a more traditional sound provides the band with an air of maturity that far outreaches their years. However, while they're obviously indebted to the sounds of the 1980s, Kilto Take refuse to simply ape the era's indie royalty and instead find themselves drawing from a wealth of more contemporary influences, such as Muse and Interpol.