Sunday, 3 November 2013

#196: Stylusboy - Hospitality For Hope


Hospitality for Hope

November 18 2013 (Wild Sound Recordings)


Just under five months ago, I reviewed the most recent EP from Coventry-based acoustic folk duo, Stylusboy. Four tracks and 15 minutes was all it took for me to realise that I was in the midst of something special; lush textures, rich harmonies, an irresistible penchant for lo-fi aesthetics and above all, a huge level of stripped down romance that ultimately made for a timeless record. Fast-forward 18 weeks and as the opening notes of their first full-length, Hospitality for Hope, begin to ring out, I can already feel the smile, a permanent fixture throughout my last review, return, brought on by the familiarity of Steve Jones and Rachel Grisedale's effortless vocal duality. It's a welcome return for the duo, whose tireless work ethic and sheer passion for their craft is palpable across every aspect of their debut.