Monday, 19 August 2013

#155: Velocets - Castle Hotel, Manchester - 16/08/13

Live Review

Velocets + Puppet Rebellion + Rise of General Mezmar

Castle Hotel, Manchester

August 16 2013
Photos: Trust A Fox Photography

Being from Manchester, I'm lucky enough to have a rich and vibrant music scene right on my metaphorical doorstep. Every night the city plays host to a plethora of club nights and gigs in a variety of genres and venues to suit tastes of every persuasion. Being the city that it is, steeped with indie heritage, it goes without saying that within the burgeoning flock of bands vying for the spotlight competition is fierce, yet within this competition, friendships and relationships are formed which allow gigs such as tonight's to take place. Featuring two of Manchester hottest unsigned bands, Puppet Rebellion and Velocets, and the Wirral-based psychedelic Rise of General Mezmar who kick off the proceedings.