Saturday, 3 August 2013

#144: Twee-Punk Riot Grrrls Cat Bear Tree Release Video For Their Single 'Blind'

Much like their d├ębut EP Let's Share Hearts, the video for leading track 'Blind' at first seems to be an overly simple offering from London Trio Cat Bear Tree. However, much like the record again, as the video progresses one begins to realise that the beauty of the video lies in it's simplicity. Filmed mostly in monochrome, what little colour there is plays only a fleeting role in the videos composition; a brilliant aesthetic decision on the part of Claudia, Sarah and Zoe, it allows viewers to focus almost entirely on the music. There are no convoluted camera shots or a contrived narrative, instead, the trio fade in and out of a white background, almost as if the camera itself is blinking. Not only this, but the choice of filming in almost-greyscale provides a more serious coupling to one of the band's more sombre songs. It's a perfectly executed piece of film work and one which goes hand in hand with the band's DIY sensibilities. There's nothing complex at play here but as I said earlier, that's the root of the videos appeal and one can't criticise a band whose autonomous ideologies are so blatantly rooted in anti-mainstream mantras. But I didn't expect anything less.

Cat Bear Tree's debut EP Let's Share Hearts is out on Monday 5th of August via self-release.