Monday, 19 August 2013

#154: Dowsing - I Don’t Even Care Anymore

Many people view emo as pantomime punk; music without any real degree of resonance to it and, of course, we have Messrs Way and Wentz to thank for that. For some though, emo wasn't (or indeed, isn't) more than just a fringe and a Myspace profile, it's something far more ingrained and far-reaching than that. And while the glory days of the 1990s are over, with pioneers such as Texas Is The Reason finally drawing the curtains on 20 years of touring and emotional turmoil, the torch has been passed on; where record labels such as Jade Tree or Drive-Thru once dominated the scene, it's time for smaller, more nuanced labels and artists to wear their emotional scars with pride and make their own mark on a genre might have lay dormant, but was certainly never dead.