Thursday, 15 August 2013

#152: The Departed - Steal The Crown

Over the last ten years, the UK has found itself playing host to a burgeoning hardcore scene that could rival that of any country. Bands such as Azriel, Your Demise and More Than Life have helped to spread the word of hardcore outside of their home-town's respective scenes and in to a much wider setting. One such band are Grimsby's The Departed, who have been toting their own personal blend of melodic hardcore since 2006, clocking up tours both at home and in Europe with hardcore royalty such as Defeater and Terror. Now, seven years after their inception, the band have released their second full length entitled 'Steal the Crown' and while there is certainly no denying that the band have both the talent and the passion to go along with their stringent hardcore ideologies, one can't help but think that maybe we've heard it all before.