Tuesday, 12 May 2015

#456: NEW BLOOD: Dialects (Artrocker)

Glasgow’s Dialects were formed as part of a strategy to backdoor it from a “really dire Christmas party” so it is perhaps of little surprise that the narrative of their debut EP LTKLTL (or Let the Kids Light the Laterns) is built around the idea of escape. What is surprising however, is that the escape itself is that of “a couple who travel from Utopia in another universe only to arrive in our world, young again and with the chance to have another life together”. Whether this escape is physical (them leaving Utopia) or emotional (them leaving behind their past lives) is purely subjective and down to the individual listener’s reading, something made all the more ambiguous by the wholly instrumental nature of LTKLTL.

This feature was originally written for Artrocker. Click here to read in full.