Wednesday, 6 May 2015

#451: Frenzal Rhomb, Sound Control, Manchester

My second serving of Australian punk in two days comes in the form of old hats Frenzal Rhomb (the previous evening spent sweating in the presence of the excellent Smith Street Band), as they took to a tiny stage at Manchester’s Sound Control. Arguably the worst venue in a city full of both fantastic and questionable performance spaces, it’s split between three rooms, boasting very little in the way of redeeming features between any of them. Apart from the bands to which they play host. Making the journey to our shores for the first time in almost eleven years, Frenzal Rhomb (“fatter and more haggard now”) draw a crowd larger than anticipated, and as we arrive with a belly full of overpriced craft beer, we’re forced to stand at the back with a surprisingly clear view, sans support beams and eager crowd-surfers.