Sunday, 18 January 2015

#410: Grave Diggers Union - Don't Be Fooled By The Sun (EP Review)

Grave Diggers Union

Don't Be Fooled By The Sun

January 11, 2015 (Brock 'n' Broll)


Music is cyclical. As anyone with a passing interest in the subject knows, the timeless adage pop will eat itself has proven itself right time and time again, with genres and their conventions being rehashed and recycled almost endlessly. What's not always as obvious, is that whilst music is always revisited, it's almost always a product of the surroundings in which it was conceived as well. One only needs to look at the vacuous machine that is mainstream commercial pop in order to understand the context in which it's made. But what happens when bands are influenced, not by the perpetual ca-ching of album sales and sponsorship deals, but by a Tory government and the ever more apparent idea the Britain just aint that great anymore? Bands like Grave Diggers Union happen.