Thursday, 8 January 2015

#408: Introducing...Sea Change

January might well traditionally be a time for shaking off your winter blues, but I'm willing to cling on to mine just a little longer if it means we'll have a month filled with releases like this. Ellen A. W. Sunde, otherwise known as Sea Change has seen her popularity steadily mount over the last 12 months, playing festivals across her native Norway, and further afield including last year's Great Escape in Brighton. With a penchant for icy, minimalist electronica and fragile vocals, much of her output is built around the scandi-pop aesthetics one might expect. That said, however, the insidious '80s influence that flows throughout is impossible to deny, and as such each individual track is as hauntingly stark and as unquestionably beautiful as her native country; the textured electronics and the glacial, understated basslines throughout the verses are expertly juxtaposed against harmonious uplifting choruses that drip with pop sensibility. It's dazzling stuff.