Friday, 31 January 2014

#243: Cat Bear Tree - Spaces in Between (single review)

Cat Bear Tree

Spaces In Between

February 3rd 2013 (self-release)


London's Cat Bear Tree are an interesting band. Last year's EP Let's Share Hearts was a fantastic example of how the merging together of genres can not only create something completely unique, but also something completely brilliant as well. Six months later, the trio are still going strong and are set to release their first first official single 'Spaces in Between' on the third of February. And while said EP reflected a far poppier side to the band, albeit with a liberal dose of DIY mentality and a smattering of post-punk moodiness, 'Spaces in Between' sees a more mature sounding band, and one which exudes far more confidence than anything they've released prior.

Pulling their influence from bands such as Bikini Kill right down to more contemporary acts like Bloc Party, there's an inherent sincerity about 'Spaces in Between', brought on by Zoe Konez's wispy vocals throughout the understated verses, before a subtle math-rock tinged breakdown morphs the track in to something more frenetic, something less straightforward. Whereas previous songs such as 'Crayons' upheld a differing sense of freneticism, none seem as sombre, nor as fully released, as their latest release, which relishes in a smoother kind of energy that permeates the glossy exterior of the track, hinting at the punk tenancies that reside beneath the silky surface.

To hear the band transcend their initial, rough and ready sound, in to something such as 'Spaces in Between' is fantastic. While they've certainly polished their edges, they've also matured as musicians, whilst never losing the DIY appeal that first struck me. They're a band with energy, with passion, with ethos and ideas; ideas that aren't preached, but planted. And while the sound these girls make doesn't lend itself too heavily to commercial success, one can't help but thing such arbitrary things don't matter Cat Bear Tree, there's more important things in life. And they're right, and as long as they keep producing music that's as strong as 'Spaces in Between', I'll keep supporting them.