Friday, 16 October 2015

#508: Catching Up With...Frog

Though Frog’s debut album was a subtle master-stroke , its title did little to hint at the quality contained therein. Built around narratives inspired by sleepy suburban America, the Star Spangled blood that runs through the album isn’t patriotic, as one might assume, but is instead nostalgic, wistful and even cynical. Conjuring images of diners, drive-in movies and Golden Age starlets, this appreciation, or romanticisation, of their country is something present even on their lesser-known debut EP; tracks such as ‘Nancy Kerrigan’ and ‘Arkansas’ providing the Americana flavours in that instance. Interestingly enough, however, despite the band’s obsession with their native country, it was a writer at the Bristol-based GoldFlakePaint that initially drew attention to the band followed swiftly by a piece from London’s Line of Best Fit.