Wednesday, 4 March 2015

#430: Charles Howl - Sir Vices

Charles Howl

Sir Vices

March 16 2015 (Ample Play)


Words: Dave Beech

Whilst never quite straying whole-heartedly in to the realms of pure psychedelic freak-outs (the band metaphorically preferring to nibble quizzically at mushrooms rather than embrace the shamanic intensity of other substances), Charles Howl manage to uphold enough of a trippy aesthetic to keep everyone but the most ardent of psychonauts in a state of blissed-out alternate conciousness. Not satisfied with inward journeys of introspection alone however, 'Sir Vices' sees the duo (a four-piece for recordings), taking transatlantic cues from West Coast surf rock as often as the brit-pop the band grew up with.