Monday, 9 February 2015

#415: Altar Flowers - Kraak Gallery - Manchester

Altar Flowers (w/ The Debt Stars, Grave Diggers Union)

Kraak Gallery, Manchester

February 7 2015

Words/Photos: Dave Beech

Kraak Gallery isn't one Manchester's easiest venues to find, nor is it one of the most visually arresting. It IS however, integral to Manchester's grass-roots movement(s). Integral not because of the reputation of the venue itself or the alumni that has passed through its hallowed halls, but because of how easily it lends itself as DIY venue, a place for fledgling promoters and fresh-faced bands to cut their teeth before taking the next step in their career. Tonight also sees the venue marking the return of Manchester's LVLS (Loveless) under their new guise as Altar Flowers.