Tuesday, 16 April 2013

#83: Top 5 Unsigned - 16/04/13


The sound of this Bath-based quarter is hard to pinpoint. There's a heavy emphasis on the instrumentation of the band as picked guitars swirl and decorate their songs. The choruses, particularly in 'Delorean' are huge sounding affairs which hit with an anthemic air that would be right at home filling arenas and stadiums. Singer Dean Bryant delivers each and every line with a loaded ferocity that the verses don't exhibit. Maybe it's the restraint upheld by the verses that allow the choruses to pack punches like they do, as if Bryant's emotions are just waiting for the right moment to eject themselves. Candid and lyrical, Evacuees are a band that are bound to turn heads.


Transition, Baby!

A band that have set the blogosphere abuzz with their infectious and jaunty indie-pop anthems, Transition, Baby! have been on my radar for quite a while now. Their blend of angular riffs and pounding drums, coupled with vocals that are somewhat evocative of a more energetic Editors, and makes for a musical experience that's hard to ignore. Coming from Manchester means there's a lot of stiff competition for the band to contend with but given their rising popularity it won't be long before the band are honing their craft further afield as well.



Residing in Leeds, this West Yorkshire based four piece is bound to take listeners on a tripped out and psychedelic journey through musical influences, from garage rock, to 1960s psychedelia, Inca might not have bee around for as long as some of the other bands featured this week but their lazy blend of surf-pop and lo-fi makes for inspired listening.


The New Caldera

Liverpool's The New Caldera are treading similar territory to that of their fellow Liverpudlians The Zutons.  The two piece are upholding a distinctly bluesy vibe to their music, which, they say, isn't the product of a band but the efforts of "musical collective brewed in the back-street watering holes of Anfield". It's an usual and a fairly stripped down sound that the group uphold, but it's the reletive bareness of it all that make The New Caldera what they are; a nostalgic and summery blues act that would be right at home in the spit and sawdust dives of any northern city.



My particular highlight of this week, Staffordshire-based quartet Delamere are crafting songs that are uplifting, anthemic and heartfelt. Huge walls of sound form the basis of their music while occasional moments of delicate introspection punctuate what is usually a grandiose affair.It was a toss up between including 'Heart' or their own remix of their song 'Vampires'. Heart just won out given that it gives you a feel of what Delamere are about and it purports their aesthetic well. A band whose music I could personally get lost in and a band that everyone should check out.


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