Wednesday, 6 March 2013

#51: Top 5 Unsigned - 06/03/13

Hearse Pileup

Aside from their brilliant name. London based trio Hearse Pileup are making the kind of music that your mothers warned you about. It's fast, guttural, and above all sleazy. Harnessing the energy and rawness of the likes of The Stooges and MC5 it's easy to see why Hearse Pileup are turning heads.

Unfortunately the recordings on SoundCloud are live and so the quality isn't all that great. But what is evident is the passion and the fervour which go in to Hearse Pileups shows as well as their recordings. 'Generation Y' below is taken from the bands most recent recording and exhibits a DIY sentiment that will be familiar to fans of Black Flag 

Visit the band's website by clicking here

Alfie's Dad

Claiming that they're old enough to be One Direction's dads on their bio gives us a small insight in to Manchester-based Alfie's Dad's sense of humour; they're cheeky, charming and they make a hell of a noise. Fusing together jangly indie-pop guitars and occasional classic rock sentiments the band really know how to party.

Their d├ębut EP Lost Boys features three tracks including 'Whistleblower'. It's a slower song than the previous two on the EP, but it's excellent nevertheless. The lyricism here is candid, haunting and shows a maturity not even exhibited by many of the band's peers. Lost Boys is a  seriously good EP worth spending 20 minutes checking out.

Visit the band's website by clicking here

Coroner for the Police

Describing themselves as "a 1920s mobster rock-punk band with a penchant for a good suit." Coroner for the Police have not only invented their genre, but they've made it a bloody good one. Bringing to the forefront elements of bands such as Queens of the Stoneage and The Raconteurs one things for sure is that this is  balls to the wall rock and roll that doesn't take any prisoners.

Taken from their excellently named Gentlemen's Relish EP, 'Rope' is a short, sharp kick in the ribs that delivers a swift blow in the manner of The Black Keys. The climax is a cacophony of sand and sleaze that will have you clamouring for a bourbon afterwards.  Coronor for the Police are exactly what desert-rock is all about. 

Apollo Junction

Leeds-based Apollo Junction are a band I've been meaning to cover for a good while now but never found myself having time. This, however, if the first of two features I'll be doing on them. The second coming later in the week for Little Indie Blogs. The band make the kind of melodic indie-pop that makes you long for summer and that first pint in a beer garden.

Fusing electro with the traditional band format is't anything new, bands with a synth seem to be ten a penny these days, However Apollo Junction shirk the current trend for moody 80s ambience and instead perpetuate their music with a distinct optimism that can't be ignored. 'I Want To Be A Mystery' sounds like you've heard it before and you probably should have. 3 minutes of pure pop mastery.

Stilits Foster

Stilts Foster is another act that have been on my radar for a while now. I've never included a singer/songwriter on my blog before so was hesitant about including one before now. However after finally getting round to checking out Stilts Foster, it was fairly clear I had to include him.

His music is frought, candid, heartfelt and perfect. One man and an acoustic guitar can do wonderful things, as has been proven time and time again over the decades and Stilts is no exception. You seriously owe it yourself to listen to his stuff if you haven't already. For fans of Bon Iver and Iron & Wine, just don't expect a carbon copy; Stilts has far more balls about him that that.