Thursday, 18 October 2012


In hindsight starting a blog 5 weeks in to my final year at university is probably quite late, but what can you do. I've turned my hand at blogging several times over the past five years and for one reason or another all are now gathering dust on the shelves of cyberspace. I think the reason I became so disenchanted was mainly due to Tumblr and how it managed to become a prototype for Instagram. There are only so many black and white, badly focused images one person can take before deciding enough is enough and going on to search out a less hipster-orientated means of blogging.

I'm aiming to keep this blog going throughout my final year and going on to post-graduation. I might not update daily but I'm quite sure stuff worth blogging about doesn't happen daily. Does it? I'll update with reviews of games/films/gigs etc if I feel something is particularly worth talking about. I'm passionate about music, but will probably get further writing about it than actually making it.I wasn't blessed with musical greatness.

I'm a firm believe in social media and use both Facebook and Twitter regularly but then again who doesn't?

I'll try to keep this going, and have every intention of doing so despite the increasing workload from university. "Best laid plans..." and all that.