Monday, 12 May 2014

#285: Art Trip and the Static Sound - Nothing is Static

Art Trip & The Static Sound

Nothing Is Static

May 19 2014 (Fiasco Recordings)


Having first heard Art Trip & The Static Sound a little over a year ago and having thoroughly enjoyed their second release 'EP2', I approached their debut full length full of anticipation, and given the time in between my experiences of the band, I was expecting the few creases that marred my last experience to be ironed out by now. As it happens, I was half right. 'Nothing Is Static' feels like it has more direction than Art Trip's previous releases and benefits from it massively. However, there are times -mainly during the first half - when the production, though intentionally lacking in polish, is so lo-fi that it stops adding to the record's overall DIY aesthetic, and actually detracts from it instead.